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1. Write a short paragraph (50-60 words) about the traffic problems where you live.

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2. Write a short review (50-60 words) about your favorite film.

3. Write a short paragraph (50-60 words) about your favorite festival.


Write a short paragraph (about 60-80 words) about:

1. A nhận xét of your favourite film

2. A popular festival you know

3. Traffic problems where you live, or in a town or a cityyou know well.

2.A popular festival you know.

In Vietnam, there are many traditional as well as modern festival from foreign countries, but the festival I like best, is a very popular festival: Mid-Autumn festival.It starts every full moon in August in Vietnam.Everybody will eat mooncakes-a kind of cake indispensable in this festival.In the evening, children will go out for a lantern parade.Somebody go out for a walk or go out to lớn buy some mooncakes from the market.Outside, the roads will be light up by the lights of the lantern parade.Looks it"s very beautiful và shimmer all the time. It"s so interesting!That"s what I think, how about you?


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3. Traffic prolems where you live, or in a town or a city you know well

The most common traffic problem in big cities in my country is traffic jam. The main cause of this traffic problem is the crease of the population in big cities. So the number of people using the roads has risen siveral times. The second reason, is that roads are narrow and bumpy. Besides, many young people their bikes dangerously. The are traffic accident everyday. I think the road users must obey the laws seriously. The government should widen and up grade the roads and fine heavily people who break the law.

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1. Write a short paragraph about your favourite TV programme using the cues given ( about 80 words)

2. Write a short paragrapsh about your favourite sport/game

3. Write a paragrapsh of about 80 words about what you like doing in your free time

4. Write a short paragrapsh about 80 words to lớn describe your dream house using the cues gives

góp vs nha , cảm ơn nhìu 

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Gửi hủy

1. Hello, everybody! My name is...... . Today I am here to present khổng lồ you about Favorite TV shows. I very watching cartoons. Và of all the film I have seen, “Grave of the fireflies” is one in the cartoons which I most. In Vietnamese it’s called is “Can đê mê đom đom” or “Mo đom đom”. It’s a tragic story about two childents in the war. It’s made from japan by Ghibli studio, directed and written by Takahata Isao. It is based on a nover of Nosaka Akiyuki. It’s written as a apologize to his sister. With Japanese, this film is understand as a fable about the respect. Film is been in historical background at the over of the seconds world war from Japan. Film tells a painful story but moving to brothers sentiment of two orphanages : Seita and Setsuko. They lost mother after a fierce bombing of American air force to Kobe thành phố while their father combat for Japanese navy. So Seita & Setsuko must to lớn struggle lớn exist between the famine and the resistance to merciless of surrounding people (that have their kinship). They have to lớn live in a shelter-pit and often eat frogs and lizards. At the end, Setsuko have khổng lồ die for hunger, pictures depict painfulness và the death of little girl can be considered as the most mournful film pictures in the cartoon nhật bản history. When everybody, who had seen this film are asked, most of them said they cried, & that have me.That brings me khổng lồ the over of my presentation. Many thanks for your attention!

2. My favorite hobby is playing football in spare time. After completing my home work at home, I generally spend my lot of không tính tiền time in playing football. I was so interested lớn play football from my childhood however started learning lớn play well when I was 5 years old. I was in one class when I was 5 years old. My father asked lớn my class teacher in the PTM about my hobby of football. And my teacher told him that there is a facility of playing sports daily in the school from class 1 so you can admit your child. Now, I really enjoy playing football & paripate in the inter-school competitions.

3. I work for Pentax cameras, in the export department. I don’t have a lot of không lấy phí time, but I have one special hobby taking photographs, of course! I taking photographs of flowers, especially in spring. Sometimes, after work, I relax in a bar near my office with friends. My friend, Tung, s singing pop songs in the bar. This has a special name, Karaoke. I don’t sing. I’m too shy! I just watch him.

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4, My dream home would be on the ocean, well not on the ocean but beside it with a white sandy beach. The house would be an A frame backed against a hill. The upper floor would be a half floor master bedroom with a kingsize water bed và ensuite with a hot tub & sauna. The front wall would be glass with a stairway coming up lớn the bedroom. On cloudy nights you could watch the floresents in the waves coming into the beach while you went to lớn sleep. Other nights you could counting the stars in the western sky. On the main floor would be the kitchen-dining room combination, with all the newest appliances và an island in the middle of the kitchen with the stove top và hanging pots & pans over it. The sink would be under one of the windows. Under the other window would be the nook for family meals. Between the kitchen windows, which look out khổng lồ the field where the horses would be enjoying the warm weather are the cupboards. The dining room would have a six chair pine table set & hutch đài loan trung quốc cabnet. There will also be a three piece bathroom off the kitchen. The living room is in the front with the big front window. The fireplace is on the side wall with small long windows overlooking the driveway lớn the road a half mile away. The three piece sectional is perfectly positioned to watch the sunset into the western sea. The basement has the laundry room at the back with sewing machine for mending before folding & taking clothes upstairs. Half of the front of the basement is a guest bedroom with ensuite và small fridge và two element stove. The computer room is also at the front of the basement. Both have views of the beach and sea. Opposite the laundry room is my husband"s workshop. I don"t know what he has in there as it is his domain. In the garage at the side of the house is our wine colored 94 Toyota Crasada và my husband"s hog. We often ride the bike along the beach on warm evenings to lớn visit friends.