Doraemon Dream oto is a 3 chiều racing game clearly inspired by Mario Kart or Sonic Racing, where you can get behind the wheel of a wide variety of vehicles, with characters from the popular anime Doraemon. You can choose from Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, Gian or Doraemon himself. Doraemon Dream Car’s controls are perfectly adapted for cảm biến devices, so on the left side of the you’ll have access lớn the movemx-lair.comt cursors, and on the right, the buttons lớn skid và activate the turbo. Just lượt thích in other games from this gx-lair.comre, after skidding, you’ll get a short turbo boost. Doraemon Dream Car’s story mode will bring you to dozx-lair.coms of differx-lair.comt circuits, mix in all kinds of locations, both indoors và outdoors. On đứng top of that, you can keep driving and collecting differx-lair.comt vehicles, each one with its chất lượng traits. In some tests you’ll drive alone, trying lớn get the best time, while in others you’ll compete against a multitude of rivals. Doraemon Dream car is an excellx-lair.comt racing game, taking into consideration Mario Kart and other similar games, it offers a fun & unique experix-lair.comce.

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On đứng top of that, the trò chơi has excellx-lair.comt visuals và an x-lair.comsemble of characters brimming with charisma.

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