Pick up your guns & let’s join other shooters in this addictive và epic shooting challenge where you’ll have the chance khổng lồ take down multiple zombies with your amazing shooting skills. Enjoy the epic 3 chiều shooter và get involved to exciting shooting challenges.

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Find yourself fighting side by side with millions of online gamers all over the world as you help each other fight against the ever-spawning zombies to lớn prevent them from taking over the world. Fight for the people, fight for your survival, & always stay alerted in this thrilling và intense shooter.

Find out more about this amazing trò chơi from VNG trò chơi STUDIOS with our reviews.


The trò chơi takes place in the year of 2040 where the devastating World War II have struck mankind. Lives on the planet were completely changed due lớn the unpredictable scale of the war. Terror and fear filled the lands as people flee their homes just to lớn stay safe. Countries start sending destruction firearms into one & another’s territories. The fights escalated, especially in the borders between countries.

And as a result, the countries’ frontiers have become so chaotic that no many could ever phối foot in the dead zone. But little bởi vì they know, from the rage of war, a dangerous virut was released in the near frontier of their countries. They quickly consume the last survivors in the land và keep expanding into the mainland.

To prevent a total annihilation of mankind, humanity has united lớn fight the zombies. However, will they be able lớn fence off the powerful & nasty zombies’ attacks? It’s up lớn you to lớn decide. Join millions of online gamers, take up arms, and join each other in epic zombie shooting challenges. The fate of humanity rests on your hands.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Survive the apocalypse as you emerge in epic shooting challenges


Find yourself in this ultimate shooting challenge where you have no option other than winning. Lose & the entire world shall be annihilated by the zombies. Pick up your guns & prepare yourself before massive waves of zombies swarm at you. Take them down with your powerful weapons and accurate shooting skills. Be extremely effective and alerted all the time so you may win against the nasty zombies.

Different zombies with chất lượng powers to chạy thử your capabilities

The trò chơi introduces gamers to an in-depth zombie system where you’ll have to lớn face off against all kind of zombies. Face against multiple types of zombies that come in all shapes và sizes. Each of them has chất lượng powers & abilities that must be dealt with in certain approaches.

As you get to the higher levels, you’ll find yourself facing with even tougher zombies who’re even more seriously infected with the viruses. Challenge a variety of zombies as you drive them out of the protected lands.

And most importantly, you’ll also find yourself facing with the giant bosses who possess immersive powers that none zombies can match. Make sure well-prepared so you can stand firm in front of their assaults.


Enjoy powerful weapons with quality powers

To khuyến mãi with the nasty zombies, gamers in Dead Target will find themselves having access lớn multiple weapons which all featuring unique stats and powers. Their varied usages will make them quite useful when dealing with different enemies.

Find yourself picking up all kinds of weapons with different ranges and fire powers, such as assault rifles, sniping rifles, rocket launcher, và so on. On vị trí cao nhất of that, you’re also allowed lớn make uses of the nâng cấp options và change your weapons completely how you want it. Learn how lớn use và customize each weapon completely & you can become the master.


Awesome boosts that can completely change the tide of the battle

Along with powerful weapons, gamers are also introduced lớn multiple buffs in the trò chơi that could seriously improve your capabilities. Pick up from something as simple as khổng lồ enhance your damages, your accuracy, or firing rate, to lớn amazing boosts that can even change the tide of the battle, especially when you’re fighting alongside your teammates.

Take on multiple challenges to take down the zombies & earn awesome rewards

In order to lớn collect the useful và amazing items in the game, players in Dead Target can participate in addictive quests. Pick up your favorite weapons and take on epic challenges. Takedown multiple monsters lớn earn experiences as well as increase your rank. Unlock cool items & weapons so you can advance in your journey. Also, the trò chơi features some of the weirdest and most interesting achievements that you can complete khổng lồ earn yourself epic loots.


A variety of different maps with completely unique gameplay

The game introduces gamers to lớn the interesting maps which feature completely chất lượng gameplay. Here, you can find yourself taking on the zombies in tight buildings, large battlefield, or being surrounded by hundreds of them.

Make uses of the terrain và choose the right approaches to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the zombies. Target them with precise shots from your massive arsenal. Unlock powerful rockets and use them to lớn send the hideous zombies flying.

Play the game without the internet connection

The game can be easily played on your sản phẩm điện thoại devices without the need for internet connection, which is quite interesting. That being said, you can enjoy the game completely offline và enjoy its portability khổng lồ the max. Và whenever you reconnect to lớn the internet, your progress will be automatically saved online.

Challenge online gamers in intense leaderboard shooter matches

And of course, the trò chơi also features the exciting online game play where gamers can join each other in the epic zombie shooting challenges. Help each other as you defend the Earth from being consumed by the zombies.

Or challenge other online gamers from all over the world in the leaderboard shooter games. Have your statistics compared lớn one & another lớn decide who can sit in the hall of fame. Find out your friends who are also playing the trò chơi by having your social tài khoản connected. Share your progresses to lớn them and feel proud bragging about it.

Free to lớn play

The game is currently không tính phí to play on Google Play Store, so you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices. And while it does come with in-app purchases, you won’t likely to lớn find them bothering if you’re dedicated enough. With multiple rewards, you’ll find yourself matching the paid gamers evenly.

Unlock unlimited access with our mod

However, if you don’t have time for the minor quests, it would be a better choice lớn have our Dead Target mod APK installed on your điện thoại devices. That being said, we have unlocked the game to the max so that you can easily access all of its features, purchase anything you want without having to pay, enjoy the ad-free gameplay, và so on. Just tải về our apk file and install it following our instruction.

Visual và sound quality


The game features relatively impressive graphics for a smartphone game. You’ll find yourself experiencing the console-graded zombie shooting in this amazing game right on your điện thoại devices. Firing epic shoots at the enemies while enjoying the powerful visual effects. Experience realistic blood and lighting effects lượt thích never before.

And most importantly, for the low-end devices, Dead Target also features the useful adjustable graphics option. Hence, you can easily tone down the graphics chất lượng to match with your devices’ hardware & have smoother gameplay.


Combined with the powerful and impactful shooting effects, Dead Target introduces gamers to lớn one of the most immersive shooting trò chơi that ever-present in the mobile platform.

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Fans of the classic zombie shooting games will certainly find this trò chơi interesting. Find yourself taking on the zombies in this addictive challenge.