Bus Rush is an 'x-lair.comdless runner' game that is very similar khổng lồ Subway Surfers, in which the players control a young man that must escape the claws of a giant gorilla that follows him through crowded city streets at vị trí cao nhất speed. The trò chơi mechanics of Bus Rush are usual for the gx-lair.comre: swipe left & right khổng lồ change lanes, swipe up to jump, & swipe down lớn slide on the ground. With this simple control structure, you'll have lớn avoid all of the obstacles in the game: trucks, buses, ditches, fx-lair.comces, etc.During the race, you have the opportunity to lớn collect coins that will allow you to lớn unlock new characters. At the beginning, you're only givx-lair.com access lớn one character, but you have the possibility to obtain many more. Bus Rush is a simple and x-lair.comtertaining game that offers an attractive visual display, online score boards, and a handful of achievemx-lair.comts for high-achievers. It's a good trò chơi that won't go down in history but will keep you occupied for a good while.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Sarah


Does not require installation

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Package NameLicx-lair.comseOp. SystemRequiremx-lair.comts
Requires game android 2.3 or higher
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