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There are significant benefits offered khổng lồ students by many companies and organizations, however often times, a student ID is required to enjoy these benefits. Below are a few examples of the special offers available khổng lồ students that can present a student ID as proof of their academic enrollment status. Click here for an extended listing.

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Discounts and không lấy phí food or drinks at many restaurants such as Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, McDonald"s, Pizza Hut, & Waffle House (just lớn name a few)Discounts at many national & local culture centers such as museums, symphony centers, art galleries, và play housesDiscounts of 10-15% at many retailersSatisfies the ACT và SAT photo ID requirement (as well as many other photo ID requirements)

The student ID card from Academic Excellence is a high quality, professionally produced ID thẻ for your student. This ID card can be customized to lớn reflect the identity and personality of your student and your school.

To get your student ID card & start enjoying these great benefits:

Select the thiết kế you lượt thích best from our extensive danh mục of ID templatesEnter the name of your school as you"d lượt thích it to lớn appear on the IDEnter your student"s name exactly as you"d like it to lớn appear on their IDSelect whether you would like us lớn generate an ID number for you, if you would like to specify your own custom ID number, or if you would prefer no ID number on your cardIf you selected khổng lồ print a custom ID number on the card, please enter it in the box providedSelect the school year that the ID will apply toSelect the grade cấp độ of your student as you would lượt thích it printed on their IDUpload the picture of your student that you would lượt thích to appear on their IDThe photo should be a full màu sắc headshot of your studentAccepted formats: gif, jpeg, jpg, & pngMaximum tệp tin size: 2 MBPhotos will appear on the thẻ as they are sent with no editing, so please insure the photo is as you want it to appear on the ID card

The custom student ID from AE is professionally produced and manufactured from 30 mil PVC, similar to driver"s licenses & credit cards. Given the benefits offered khổng lồ student ID holders, this card can pay for itself very quickly.Would you lượt thích to save $2.00 off this already reasonably priced ID card? By selecting the Academic Excellence card design(above), you will receive a $2.00 discount off your card for helping tóm tắt the AE brand on your card.

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By purchasing a photo ID card from Academic Excellence, you certify that you have permission lớn produce an ID card for the school and person named on the card.