At, all of our load cells are manufactured using strain gauge technology, a tried & tested sensor used lớn measure weight & force.

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To ensure that our strain gauge load cells are highly precise & reliable, have a dedicated facility manufacturing strain gauges for use across our sensor range, with approximately 5 million made each year.


What is a strain gauge?

A strain gauge, sometimes referred to as a strain gauge, is a bonded resistive foil sensor whose resistance changes with applied force. Our load cells và force sensors typically use four strain gauges arranged in a Wheatstone Bridge. The Wheatstone Bridge circuit is a highly sensitive arrangement that produces an đầu ra signal measured in millivolts & is capable of producing a very precise, repeatable và stable measurement.

Our foil strain gauges are bonded onto the load cell sensor bodies using adhesive and are then connected in a Wheatstone Bridge arrangement with temperature compensating resistors. Typically, we use 1000Ω resistance strain gauges designed khổng lồ be low energy consuming and are ideal battery powder applications.

Why buy a strain gauge load cell

At the heart of all our load cells is a strain gauge sensor made by, for Through many years of experience, we have developed highly accurate, reliable strain gauges that form the backbone of our reputation for quality and precision.

We have developed chất lượng ways of fixing a strain gauge transducer lớn our sensors, with applications that are glued và sealed using industry unique materials. For harsher applications, we offer various hermetically sealed options.

Load cell strain gauge

A strain gauge load cell can be manufactured in a variety of configurations khổng lồ measure compression, tension or bi-directional forces. Our strain sensor, model XT50, is used to lớn measure elongation in structures in such applications as on-board weighing, vehicle stability control & elevator overload systems.

Our ability to lớn design và manufacture a wide range of strain gauges, leads khổng lồ an extensive portfolio of strain gauge transducers suitable for the most demanding of measurement tasks. has the ability khổng lồ design và manufacture a strain gauge load cell that can be used khổng lồ solve any bespoke measurement task.

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Strain gauge bonding service

Our years of experience in using load cell strain gauge configurations means we are able to lớn apply foil strain gauges lớn different types of material. We can help customers who require a strain gauge bonding service for objects of varying shape and kích cỡ that use materials such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel.


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