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Development history of tuy vậy Da Corporation - JSC

Song da Corporation today is the results of a continuous construction & development journey of the past 56 years in association with the development of the country.

On June 1st, 1961, the Prime Minister signed a Decision No. 214 / TTg on establishment of the Management Board of Thac cha hydroelectric nguồn station that has become a history one, giving birth khổng lồ the Corporation, which means that the hydropower construction industry was also born. Starting from nothing, only with the determination being absorbed with the patriotism spirit, the largest industrial site at that time was formed. Regardless of many hardships and working under rudimentary handwork conditions, thousands of employees still filled with belief in their hearts lớn be able to light the first electric current for the country, which many of its employees lost their life under American bombs. The predecessor generation of the Corporation has left a good example for the followers to appreciate the achievements & efforts contributing lớn the golden page in history of tuy vậy Da Corporation.

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Thac cha hydropower project forever deserves to lớn be named as a symbol of patriotism, unyielding Will và courageous spirit of the first hydro-electric in Vietnam, as demonstrated by the song Da workers.

While Thac ba hydropower plant was not completed yet, due to lớn the country need of many factories và enterprises lớn serve for the people"s welfare và national defence, the Corporation"s employees continuously came on time lớn the new lands. Chain of works were built by the contribution và wisdom of the Corporation’s staffs at that time, & at present, they are still contributing effectively khổng lồ the country renovation, namely Minh Phuong Textile Factory, Bai Bang Paper Factory, highway No. 7, Yen Bai Airport, Viet Tri Chemical Factory, etc,.

Although the nguồn resources were being continuously dispersed and lives were lost due to lớn the war, the Corporation still silently built, & preserved experienced staffs, experts and skilled workers khổng lồ prepare for larger projects.

That opportunity came in 1975 when the country united, was also the time when the các buổi party and the Government entrusted the Corporation with a very difficult mission but it was really honored for song Da khổng lồ be assigned. That was conquering domain authority River and building the largest hydropower plant in Southeast Asia - Hoa Binh hydropower project.

A new history page of the Corporation was opened right on the land that used to lớn be considered as "holy ghost, poisonous water". At this century work, tens of thousands of employees, especially young workers who were unstinting in their efforts at days và nights, sparing no hardships & harsh weather and defying all dangers lớn work with the spirit of biểu ngữ "All for tomorrow’s electricity for the Fatherland ’’. It was really a period of time when every moment of life carried the facts and values ​​of morality. It is impossible lớn enumerate all the heaped-up difficulties & unforeseen obstacles that song Da Corporation"s employees had to lớn overcome lớn turn the centuries-old dream of the people into reality. No matter how the time made it changed, Hoa Binh hydropower project has been always a monument khổng lồ the youth of Ho bỏ ra Minh generation, a convergence of mind and force, a crystallization of aspiration & intelligence, courage, tradition of learning & progressive spirit that nurtured from Vietnamese cultural root.

The country transformed itself into a period of innovation, bringing the Corporation great opportunities và challenges. The management và production organization had to be quickly changed to lớn a light & self-motivated way to adapt, survive and develop in the market mechanism with fierce competition; At the same time, song Da had to lớn find ways khổng lồ keep precious human resources at risk of dispersion in the post-period of the project. For this purpose, the Corporation implemented many production development plans to create jobs. From the opening of various industries such as garments, material production with 2 cement plants of each plant capacity of 8.2 thousand tons / year, packaging production, transportation services, civil construction, labor export, including livestock-breeding, etc. Timely và sustained efforts helped the Corporation overcome the most difficult periods to consolidate & build forces to lớn enter a new period marked by the fact that the các buổi party and Government tasked tuy nhiên Da to be the general contractor lớn build Yaly hydropower plant in the Central Highland.

Yaly was not only a new land for tuy nhiên Da workers khổng lồ cultivate, but also a place to acknowledge the outstanding growth of the Corporation that tuy nhiên Da workers were entitled to be proud of. Yaly hydropower project was not only built on complex terrain và geology with erratic weather, but there were also many remnants of war remained in this new land. Tuy nhiên Da workers had lớn face with malaria, landmines, toxic chemicals and an extremely poor and backward infrastructure. Once again, tuy nhiên Da workers showed his unyielding spirit & the tradition of solidarity lớn overcome all hardships in order lớn successfully accomplish the tasks assigned by the buổi tiệc nhỏ and the Government. Also, at Yaly hydropower project in the Central Highlands, tuy nhiên Da workers have successfully built Yaly hydropower plant with a capacity of 720MW without having to hire any foreign consultant, which convincingly demonstrated that Vietnam"s hydropower construction industry has really developed.

After Yaly hydropower project, the Corporation continued khổng lồ contribute khổng lồ awakening the potential of the Central Highland và other lands in all regions of the country by building hydropower plants through BO and BOT investment forms such as Can Don hydropower plant, Ry Ninh 2 hydropower plant, mãng cầu Place hydropower plant, phái mạnh Mu hydropower plant, Se San 3A hydropower plant, nam Chien hydropower plant, etc. On the other hand, with the experience of building hydropower projects, song Da Corporation was honored khổng lồ be assigned by the tiệc ngọt and the State lớn be the general contractor for construction of the hydropower projects: Se San 3, Se San 4, Pleikrong, Tuyen Quang, Ban Ve, Hua Na, Son La, Huoi Quang & Lai Chau, etc. At the same time, the Corporation also invested in large hydropower projects in Lao People"s Democratic Republic such as Xekaman 3 with a capacity of 250MW, Xekaman 1 with 322MW capacity. This is a breakthrough step to lớn create the strength of song Da Corporation.

For transportation works, tuy vậy Da Corporation undertook the construction of some projects such as Ho chi Minh Road, Deo Ngang tunnel, nhị Van Tunnel, etc. At nhì Van tunnel project, tuy nhiên Da workers continued to affirm their special ability because this was an extremely complicated project on technical part and geological processing. Many foreign experts and contractors have given up ahead unforeseen geological incidents even in the tunnel construction in the world. However, with the spirit of creativity & bravery, not subdued by the difficulties that have become song Da’s tradition, tuy nhiên Da workers quickly found out the solutions for the obstacles while ensuring the construction progress, which resulted in high economic efficiency & saved for the State tens of billions of VNDs. The success of tuy vậy Da workers at nhì Van tunnel project site has been highly appreciated and admired by the Employer and foreign consultants.

Thus, with the advanced tunneling technology & experience và intelligence, tuy vậy Da workers has made a feat khổng lồ conquer "The First Pass". At the nhị Van Tunnel project, once again, tuy vậy Da workers also proved its strength in the new era.

Song domain authority was proud of its achievements; however, for the survival & development, it must strive lớn strive constantly without being arrogant & satisfied with itself. The corporation has learned from that profound lesson và there was not any choice but khổng lồ change the way of acting & thinking. This has been done và showing its correctness and soundness. It can be said that, during the construction and development stage, the Corporation has never actively promoted internal potentials as strong & assertive as the current period. Resources "Strength - solidarity - wisdom - creativity" have been being awakened to lớn promote high efficiency. The revolutionary improvements in production reorganization resulted in the Corporation a more steady position, turning the Corporation from a construction contractor into really a big investor domestically & internationally, which had a team of engineers, managers, skilled workers, high-level workers in the construction industry with advanced machine & equipment system. The Corporation was ready lớn undertake and perform well the tasks assigned by the các buổi tiệc nhỏ and the State. Actually, it is shown that 70% of the country"s electricity output đầu ra is now supplied by the hydropower plants built by song Da Corporation. In the past, the products of the Corporation were almost only hydroelectricity; now, there are many new fields in the numbers of industries, among of which, many completely new production and service sectors such as traffic works, airports, quay, international labor cooperation, etc have increased the proportion in the field of industrial production of the Corporation. Particularly, along with the development of production, the consulting team of the Corporation was more & more developed, capable of undertaking consulting services for hydropower, civil and industrial projects from the stage of survey, preparation of feasibility study report, technical design lớn the construction drawing design, construction supervision, etc.

Over 57 years is the period of time that has recorded the outstanding development of song Da Corporation. Starting from a small và passive collective which was established in early days consisting of only 03 irrigational engineers, 30 intermediate technicians, 40 primary technicians, 01 geological expert, 01 surveyor và several hundred workers, song Da Corporation nowadays has really developed in both quantity và quality. Currently, the Corporation employs approximately 15,000 staffs and skilled workers, among of which, nearly 3000 engineers và technical staffs are experienced và high qualified. From a property with almost nothing in the post period of tuy vậy Da hydropower project, after only over 10 years, the Corporation has become one of the leading units in the construction industry, with an annual turnover of 20,000 - 30,000 billion dongs, with an average growth rate of 25-35% per year. Income of employees in the Corporation has been constantly improved; social welfare system such as insurance, health care, entertainment, security, education & in-depth investment for high-quality human resource development have been developed và invested properly & effectively.

Nowadays, referring khổng lồ the glorious tradition of tuy vậy Da Corporation, we should firstly make mention of the following specific traditions:

- Working with brave, diligent, intelligent & creative spirit.

- Honesty, solidarity, unification of will and actions of all collectives và individuals in each unit và the whole Corporation. This is the basic source to lớn create the nguồn of the Corporation through many generations.

- A glorious tradition of affection và deep concern, mutual support and love between the collectives and individuals, among all employees of song Da Corporation over generations, between the Corporation tuy nhiên Da & local teammates & people throughout the country.

- Tradition of patriotic emulation and overcoming all hardships lớn successfully accomplish all assigned tasks.

- Tradition of passion for learning, research, making a great effort constantly to improve qualifications in all aspects và master all advanced technologies and equipment.

The referred tradition was also a memorization & gratitude for the people who heroically died for the Fatherland and construction career. Actually, the Corporation has contributed lớn solving difficulties for many localities with practical jobs such as building schools for children of ethnic minorities in Son La & Lai Chau and Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Hoa Binh, Ha Tinh, quang Ngai, Gia Lai, Kon Tum for many years. At the same time, a tuy vậy Da fund was mix up for these activities. In addition, the Corporation received lifelong tư vấn for 10 Vietnamese heroic mothers.

With over 57 years of tireless work of many generations, tuy nhiên Da Corporation can be now proud of its Golden Achievement Board with noble rewards acknowledged và awarded by the tiệc nhỏ and State and people.

But the honor always attaches with the responsibility. The greater the honor is, the heavier the responsibility is, because the task & challenges now require the employees of tuy vậy Da Corporation lớn be strived harder. It is both an indispensable rule of development, and also honor và dignity of each collective & individual. Thus, tuy vậy Da workers have been deeply aware of all their thoughts và actions lớn deservedly contribute lớn the industrialization and modernization of the country for the prosperity of the rich and beautiful Vietnam Fatherland.


Development history of tuy vậy Da Corporation – JSC

I- The establishment time (from 1961 khổng lồ 1975)

- Decision No.214/TTg dated June 1st, 1961 by the Prime Minister on establishing the Management Board of Thac bố hydroelectric power nguồn plant.

II- From 1976 to lớn 1998

- Decision No.1468 / BXD-TCCB dated October 11th, 1979 by the Minister of Construction on regulations of functions, tasks & organizational structure of tuy vậy Da Hydropower Plant Construction Corporation in Hoa Binh.

III- From 1998 lớn January 11th, 2010

- Decision No.285 / BXD-TCLD dated March 11th, 2002 by the Minister of Construction on changing the name of tuy nhiên Da Construction Corporation and thành viên subsidiaries of song Da Corporation.

IV- From January 12th, 2010 to lớn November, 2012

- Decision No.52 / QĐ-TTg dated January 12th, 2010 by the Prime Minister on approval of the establishment plan of Vietnam Construction Industry Group operating in the form of parent company - subsidiary company, among of which, tuy vậy Da Corporation was the vi xử lý core along with the participation of enterprises operating in similar fields under the Ministry of Construction.

+ Vietnam Machinery Assembly Corporation - LILAMA

+ Infrastructure Development và Construction Corporation - LICOGI

+ Construction Mechanical Corporation - COMA

+ tuy nhiên Hong Joint Stock Corporation

+ Construction Development and Investment Joint Stock Corporation

+ Subsidiaries of tuy nhiên Da Corporation (currently)

- Decision No.53 / QĐ-TTg dated January 12th, 2010 by the Prime Minister on the establishment of Parent Company - tuy vậy Da Group based on reorganizing the management and administration, advisory apparatus; project management boards; subsidiaries and non-business units of tuy nhiên Da Corporation.

V- From November, 2012 khổng lồ March, 2018

- Decision No.937 / QĐ-BXD dated October 24th, 2012 by the Minister of Construction on establishment of tuy nhiên Da Corporation (changing song Da Group to tuy nhiên Da Corporation).

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VI- From March 26th, 2018 khổng lồ now

- Decision by the Prime Minister on approval of the equitization plan of song Da Corporation.

- The first General Meeting of Shareholders of tuy nhiên Da Corporation - JSC was held on March 26th, 2018.