Residential addresses; are they same with mailing addresses? What are some of the main differences? That & more covered in this article.

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Even though the USPS has gone through extreme lengths throughout our nation’s history khổng lồ make it about as easy as imaginable to drop a letter in the mail và get it lớn its ultimate destination, there are still some idiosyncrasies & “hiccups” in the system that need lớn be navigated from time lớn time.

One of these “hiccups” is the differentiation between a residential address and a mailing address.

Most of the time, these terms are hundred percent interchange – but not 100% of the time.

In some circumstances, putting down your residential address will practically guarantee that your mail, packages, & parcels never arrive – not just arrive slowly, but never actually show up at all.

This is why it’s so important lớn understand the key differences between a residential address & mailing address, when to use either one of them, & how lớn minimize any issues that using the wrong address can bring to lớn the table.

Below we cover all of those bases but also go the next step further and give you a solution that completely eliminates having to worry about whether you’re using your residential address or your mailing address ever again.

Let’s get into it!


What is a Residential Address?

In the most simplest of terms possible, your residential address is basically the address where your residence – your street address, the address you would give friends & family members that are hoping to lớn visit you.

This is the address you would punch into your GPS unit. It’s the address you will look up on a map. And it’s the address that you probably have out of your mailbox, down by the road, or out near your front door.

When someone asks what’s your address, the odds are very good that you are going to lớn respond with your residential address, too!

Your mailing address, on the other hand, may not necessarily be that same address – and for millions of Americans, this is something they have to lớn get used to.

Mailing addresses in rural communities may not be attached to a residential address at all, but instead a central mail pickup location (maybe at the end of the road for all the neighbors on that street), a PO Box, or a mailbox service.

You use this address when you want khổng lồ have something sent lớn you (or use it as your return address) while using your residential address khổng lồ help people triangulate where you are located physically.

This distinction is a huge piece of the puzzle in making sure that your mail always ends up going where you want it khổng lồ go!

What is the difference between residential and physical address?

A residential address is a physical address, but a physical address is not necessarily a residential address. Examples of physical addresses that are not residential would be a virtual mailing address.

Why Won’t the USPS Ship lớn My Residential Address?

The overwhelming majority of situations where you need khổng lồ make a distinction between a residential address & a mailing address comes down khổng lồ whether or not the USPS will deliver mail lớn your home or not.

As we highlighted a moment ago, for the overwhelming majority of Americans their residential address is going to lớn be exactly the same as their mailing address – keeping things really neat, really clean, và really consistent.

For some, however, that’s not the case – and it’s because the USPS won’t bring mail to your door for one reason or another.

Some Americans are going lớn discover that their local post office isn’t staffed enough to bởi full rural delivery, recommending that people living in that town or community instead go with a PO Box (usually offered at a discount rate) to lớn collect their mail.

Some Americans also discover (especially when they build new homes) that the USPS simply doesn’t have a record of their residential address in their mailing database, & therefore no ability khổng lồ get your mail lớn your house lớn begin with.

At the kết thúc of the day, you’ll usually be able khổng lồ clear this question up with a simple phone call to your local post office.

Just asked them why you can have mail delivered khổng lồ your residential address and they’ll give you the exact reason as well as some helpful information to lớn alleviate this problem going forward.


Why is My Residential Address Missing from the USPS System?

There’s nothing worse than feeling lượt thích you are stuck in a mail và package black hole simply because the USPS doesn’t recognize your residential address as your mailing address – & may not even have that information in their database at all.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of Americans all across the United States have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with this headache và hassle each & every year.

Sure, the USPS does say bang up job about making sure that their address database is as up-to-date và as actually correct as possible. But with literally hundreds of millions of addresses lớn manage its no wonder that some inevitably fall through the cracks – especially addresses of homes that are brand-new, recently built, or established on newly developed/renamed roads and streets.

Luckily for you, though, getting your address added into the USPS database – và potentially making sure that your residential và mailing addresses are now the same – is a pretty simple & straightforward process.

What you’ll want to vì is tương tác your local post office directly (during normal business hours) & see if they can help you with address validation.

You’ll have to lớn go down to lớn the post office, meet with a postal employee, & then provide them with your information. They’ll take that info, run through the USPS mailing address database, and try lớn find your entry lớn see why it isn’t complete or totally correct.

From there, they’ll either themselves (manually) và then pass that information through the database to lớn be uploaded at every post office facility the next time there is a systemwide update.

These kinds of updates happen with some real frequency, so lớn take long for your mail khổng lồ start arriving at your residential address if all it needed was a bit of validation.

If, on the other hand, you have a brand-new trang chủ on a brand-new street or road than the chances are good you have asked them to địa chỉ cửa hàng all of your information into the database themselves.

They may be able to vì chưng so, though they may also have to check with local agents and authorities lớn confirm the validity of the information & to make sure that other mailing details (like that specific area code, for example) are correct as well.

All in all, if you are having trouble with the USPS finding your address in the system you may only have to lớn reach out lớn them directly khổng lồ clear things up without a lot of issue.

Sometimes, though, you won’t be able khổng lồ use your residential address lớn have mail delivered for any reason whatsoever – & then you have to lớn take different approaches.

What is an RDI & Do I Need One?

A Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) – or lack thereof – may be the reason that you aren’t getting mail delivered lớn your address, too.

While the differentiation between a residential address và a commercial address seems pretty inconsequential lớn “normal folks”, to lớn the USPS và other shipping companies lượt thích FedEx, UPS, DHL & more, it is hugely important.

A lot of these companies charge different rates for packages và parcels lớn be delivered to commercial addresses compared khổng lồ residential addresses, with fees for residential addresses usually being a little bit higher.

If your trang chủ used lớn be located at a commercial address (was a business before it became a residence) that it may still have that CDI (Commercial Delivery Indicator) in the system – and that’s why your mail is having a tough time finding its way lớn you.

This is another thing that you’ll want to lớn clear with the post office directly. You’ll want lớn reach out to them, see how they can help you remedy the situation, & see how you can get your residence confirmed with an RDI instead of a CDI.


Do I Need a PO Box?

Of course, you may live in an area where trang chủ delivery just isn’t feasible – usually rural areas where there’s just not enough staff or not resources to lớn get mail delivered khổng lồ every address in the vicinity in a timely & consistent manner.

In those circumstances, it’s not a bad idea to consider getting a PO Box – và it may be something that the USPS recommends you vì chưng flat out, too.

If the post office isn’t able khổng lồ offer home delivery & requires you to get a PO Box they almost always offer these boxes và services at a significantly discounted rate.

They recognize that it isn’t fair to force people in rural areas lớn pay for PO Box is just because the USPS doesn’t have the resources khổng lồ do trang chủ delivery, and make it a much more affordable option than it might have been otherwise.

Of course, there are other reasons & benefits khổng lồ taking advantage of PO Box services – or more modern mailbox services like US Global Mail, for example.

Privacy benefits, convenience benefits, deliverability và consistency benefits, etc. Are all reasons that people choose khổng lồ get a PO Box rather than use their residential address for their mailing address.


Will Other Shipping Companies Not Deliver khổng lồ My Residential Address, Either?

Outside of the USPS, you usually won’t run into shipping companies that aren’t willing khổng lồ deliver to a residential address, provided that it actually shows up on a bản đồ and is easily found with their GPS/delivery tools.

If your home address can be found in your phone when you’re using your favorite GPS navigation tool, then the odds are pretty good that third-party shipping companies are going lớn be able lớn bring your packages directly khổng lồ your door.

If, on the other hand, your trang chủ address is hard lớn find or nonexistent in these kinds of systems (especially true when street names change, roads are rebuilt, or new homes are constructed) then you might have a bit of a headache getting any company to deliver packages, parcels, và envelopes directly to lớn your residential address, too.


Eliminate Modern Mailing Headaches with a US Global Mail Account

Luckily, though, you can eliminate a lot of those issues stemming from the confusion between residential addresses & mailing addresses just by choosing to lớn create an trương mục with a company like US Global Mail.

One of the most popular virtual mailbox services on the planet (and one with a 20 year history of providing their clients with secure, safe, và modernized mailbox solutions), US Global Mail overhauls the mailing experience for their clients completely.

Instead of having to lớn worry about a residential address or a mailing address (or using a PO Box number) US Global Mail provides their clients with a real street address that has all of their mail, all of their packages, & all of their parcels routed khổng lồ – no matter where they may live physically!

As soon as mail arrives a digital notification is sent to lớn your phone or your email (as well as your US Global Mail dashboard) letting you know that something has arrived but also showing you a picture/scan of that item, package, parcel, or envelope as well.

This gives you a lot more information and a lot more control over your mailbox than anything through the USPS ever could.

On vị trí cao nhất of that, though, you can also have your mail completely digitized (safely & securely, keeping your personal & private information away from prying eyes) or forwarded khổng lồ any address on the planet – with up to lớn 80% off traditional shipping rates, too.

Combine that with check depositing features, package acceptance features, và a number of other conveniences you won’t find anywhere else & it’s not hard to lớn see why so many people choose US Global Mail when they want to modernize their whole mailbox experience.

For more information about how US Global Mail can help, or four detailed breakdowns of all the services that they provide, don’t hesitate khổng lồ visit their trang web today.

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You can also reach out lớn customer service directly (at your convenience) to lớn have any specific questions answered before you choose to sign up, too.