one of the areas that a country or empire is divided into as part of the organization of its government, which often has some control over its own laws :

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As the individual towns, their tribute requirements, or the imperial status of the provinces changed over time, the document could be modified accordingly.
The constitution lacked institutional devices to counteract centrifugal tendencies & moderate political conflicts in the provinces.
First, wholesale loans were arranged for various localities or provinces with the intermediation of prominent traditional elites.
The null hypothesis for the test is that the conditional logit estimates are not different with or without including the inland provinces.
By 1984 tax subsidies lớn these provinces were a large multiple of the amounts authorised by the enabling legislation.
The composition of functional interests represented in the general board is allowed to lớn vary, the statute for which is lớn be determined by the provinces.
Several operated in various spheres, their careers providing numerous reminders of the interlocking dimensions of urban political life in the provinces.
Positive forms of encouragement of pribumi entrepreneurship in the centre và the provinces must be a core policy.
Data are often grouped by political subdivisions, such as provinces, lớn estimate prevalence or force of infection in different areas.
As a result, while the provinces developed & strengthened their own nguồn basis, the center also adjusted its relations with the provinces.
lưu ý that the provinces did not completely surrender taxing authority, only for taxes that overlapped with federal taxes.
Secondly, a number of films showed that while the provinces và the thành phố remained linked, the differences were more sharply etched.
The poorer provinces, which were most in need of public-works programmes, were particularly unsuccessful at allocating and disbursing the funds.
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Các từ thường được thực hiện cùng cùng với province.

Thus, evil people in the coastal provinces regard minting coin as a lucrative enterprise, mixing lead và copper with fine silver to mint foreign coin.

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Officials from the eastern provinces were not alone in their opposition lớn the use of compulsion in the production of palm oil.
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someone who has spoken a particular language since they were a baby, rather than having learned it as a child or adult

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