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Figure 2 shows the excitation trajectories optimized under constraints according to lớn the criterion based on the determinant of the covariance matrix.
The abscissa describes the differences in angles between the peripheral stimulus orientation (optimized khổng lồ the response from that region) and recorded cell"s optimal orientation.
In fact, a change of pressure is the practical way to optimize a given machine (fixed geometry) to lớn operate in a certain regime.
Because they use a numerical algorithm to lớn optimize the cubic polynomial joint interpolator, it is not a real-time algorithm.
In their simulations, they compare two economies that are optimized at each level of carbon targets.
Assimilation refers khổng lồ strategies aimed at optimizing resources, or compensating for losses or declines in domains that are central to lớn the individual"s self-esteem & identity.
Consideration should be given to optimizing systems (evolutionary operation) for increased efficiency & to minimize operation and maintenance costs.
As air breathing increased in importance, the vertebrate larynx strengthened to accommodate additional functions such as optimizing airflow and protecting the lungs from foreign matter.
In this experiment, mice were challenged with 2r106 parasites in order to lớn optimize the infection in control mice.
Therefore, each of liên kết orientations is sequentially determined from the endeffector toward the base by optimizing multi-criteria.
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