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□A conformity car model: Honda CR-VA form: RD1 Engine: B20B(number of cars No. 5200001-5209326)An age type: 1998 .12 - 1999 .11 grade:※Adaptation is different in a vehicle details, age type và mounting location. Please refer.■Item Number: OZA501-EH4Stock NO: 1319 : NOXS0971A◎Genuine : It supports 36531-PCA-014 In product properties, an installation point và setting are divided depending on a vehicle complicatedly. When it is impossible to lớn have you judge it than Genuine , please purchase it after an inquiry beforehand.In addition, the inspection with the diagnosis device may be necessary about the trouble points. I handle it & have it of a lot of car article, motor parts!◎Including conformity & stock, any questions of the product please feel miễn phí to liên hệ us.☆I show around the conformity tác phẩm Number of the car mã sản phẩm you like☆※Please inform number of cars /model-designated /classification division of the registration document.An thư điện tử address:
The NTK O2 Sensor which detects ideal air fuel ratio
>With the O2 Sensor High control is necessary to reduce a toxic substance (HC, CO, NOx) of exhaust gas. Detect an oxygen concentration included in the exhaust gas, & the 02 sensor feeds back for Engine control; work important. Detect oxygen levels in exhaust gas so that the NTK 02 sensor becomes theory air fuel ratio "λ (lambda) = 1 ※ 1" that fuel and air-fuel ratio (air fuel ratio) of the air are most suitable, ECU ※I feed back khổng lồ 2. In the neighborhood of theory air fuel ratio lớn purify toxic substances in exhaust gas most by the case that is thin with fuel thinly (Lean) thickening fuel as for the case having dark fuel (rich) for theory air fuel ratio by the signal from a 02 sensor in ECU control it. The NTK 02 sensor becomes the important parts in this way in reducing a toxic substance of exhaust gas. ※It is air fuel ratio (A/F)= about 14.7 1 λ = 1 ※2 ECU: Engine control unit
High-performance O2 Sensor of the zirconia element adoption The O2 Sensor acts in severe environment.
▽The zirconia element has the characteristic that electromotive force produces by the difference of the oxygen concentration under the temperature more than 300 degrees Celsius. Using this characteristic, it detects oxygen concentration differences between inside & outside (the atmosphere và exhaust gas) of the element, và it is the characteristic of the zirconia type sensor that ECU field goes back. ▽Because it is exposed under the environment such as the effluent gas more than 600 degrees, deterioration & damage occur.
Depending on a vehicle, an installation point và setting are divided complicatedly. When it is impossible khổng lồ have you judge it than Genuine , please purchase it after an inquiry beforehand. In addition, the inspection with the diagnosis device may be necessary about the trouble points.
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