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mean to, meantone system, mean-tone tuning, mean value, mean value theorem, meanwhile, Meany, Mearns, meas., measle, measled
Meanwhile means in or during the time between the current time & the time when something else happens, as in Our guests will arrive in about an hour—meanwhile, let’s get the food ready. 

It can also mean at the same time, as in When I got to my apartment, I realized I had forgotten my key—meanwhile, everyone was already hiding inside for my surprise party. 

Both of these senses of meanwhile are adverbs. As an adverb, meanwhile is often used at the beginning of a sentence to connect the statement that follows with something that was just mentioned.

The word meantime can also be used as an adverb in the same ways that meanwhile is, but meanwhile is much more commonly as an adverb.

Meanwhile can also be used as a noun meaning the period of time between two events, as in The power will come back on soon, so let’s just enjoy the quiet in the meanwhile. The word meantime is much more commonly used in this way.

Example: set the batter; meanwhile, preheat the oven.

Where does meanwhile come from?

The first records of meanwhile come from the 1300s. The mean in meanwhile is the sense of the word that means “occupying a middle position or an intermediate place.” When used as a noun, while means “a period or interval of time.”

Meanwhile is often used in discussions that involve things happening or being done while waiting for something else lớn happen. It’s also commonly used in descriptions of events happening at the same time. For example, Meanwhile… might be used as a caption in a comic or graphic novel to lớn show that something is happening at the same time as what was shown in the previous panel. This is often used for comedic effect.

The expression meanwhile, back at the ranch is used as a humorous transition from one topic or discussion to another. It’s a reference lớn TV Westerns returning to lớn the main setting (the ranch) lớn show what’s happening there after having shown kích hoạt elsewhere.

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What are some synonyms for meanwhile?

at the same time

What are some words that share a root or word element with meanwhile

What are some words that often get used in discussing meanwhile?

How is meanwhile used in real life?

Meanwhile is a very common word that can be used in all kinds of contexts. It’s usually used at the beginning of a sentence.

We will publish something interesting this weekend.Meanwhile, let's take a look at
_rykllan 's beautiful Falcon family low poly mã sản phẩm closeups.

EarthX will use these models in 0.3.3 và forward!#SpaceX

— EarthX (
EarthxGame) January 29, 2021

Ugo Humbert back in front. Point penalty for Nick Kyrgios for unsportsmanlike conduct after he was broken. Humbert takes the third mix 6-3.

Halep, meanwhile, back at 5-5.

Xem thêm: Các Mẫu Câu Có Từ " Cái Đĩa Tiếng Anh Là Gì ? Từ Vựng Tiếng Anh Chỉ Phòng Bếp

— George Bellshaw (
BellshawGeorge) February 10, 2021

Just got an e mail from a guy complaining about the terrible movies we’ve been showing , lượt thích “ The Invisible Man”- and how he & all his friends feel that way, and we’re losing viewers. Meanwhile, in the real world, our ratings nationally have never been higher.

— Svengoolie (
Svengoolie) February 16, 2021

Try using meanwhile!

Is meanwhile used correctly in the following sentence? 

My younger sister just got engaged—meanwhile, I can’t even get a date!

Words related to meanwhile

meantime, till, ad interim, concurrently, for the moment, for the time being, in the interim, simultaneously, until, up to, when

How to use meanwhile in a sentence

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British definitions for meanwhile

/ (ˈmiːnˌwaɪl) /
during the intervening time or period
at the same time, esp in another place
another word for meantime


quothverb | SEE DEFINITION
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