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‘It was a workload which included every aspect of the job & even involved coverage of sport.’‘This result does not involve any unconstitutional border crossing by the court.’‘Several factors are involved, including increasing drink prices and the ban on smoking in bars.’‘Both burials appear to lớn have involved ceremonies which included setting fires and placing offerings.’‘So she has embarked on three jobs involving working seven days a week and some evenings in order to find the cash.’‘Sarah has been working at West Mid for the past 13 years and her job involves a variety of tasks.’‘He drives a lorry và one of his jobs involves taking stuff people put in recycling bins.’‘Ian thinks being an estate agent is not a nine to five job và the work involves long hours and weekends.’‘I am not aware of having injured my back but my job does involve occasional lifting và bending.’‘Yet at Tynecastle he knows his first job will involve the hand of friendship, not the iron fist.’‘Conceivably, any job involving high levels of interpersonal contact may lead lớn burnout.’‘He has recently gained a promotion & his new job will involve no overseas travel.’‘A lot of it involved going around the globe looking for cataloguing details of various books.’‘Liz was a management consultant, a job which involved a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of travel, particularly to lớn the United States.’‘Economic integration involves link between the economies of a group of countries.’‘Payment of a penalty involves no admission of guilt or record of criminal conviction.’‘It can involve a lot of hassle & it is our job as a company to lớn take the pain out of the process.’‘This will involve full assessment, usually including an X-ray of the affected leg.’‘This exercise has necessarily involved a piecemeal analysis of the factual & expert evidence.’‘Kniffin adds that he hopes these findings may encourage the consumers of this information to lớn rethink the value of cosmetic surgery, especially if it involves risk.’