Updated with hands-on video: điện thoại htc has chosen the path of evolution for the next-gen One, but is that enough lớn make it the new pick of the Androids?

Andrew Williams

The smartphone htc One (M8) is one of x-lair.com’s favourite phones ever. It sat atop our đứng top 10 smartphones menu for a while and was shortlisted for smartphone of the year in the x-lair.com Gadget Awards 2014, no less.

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But it did divide opinion somewhat. Those who loved it really loved it, on tài khoản of its beautiful design, superb build and lovely screen. But for some its flaws – namely the much-maligned UltraPixel camera – prevented it from being the best. 

Round the back there’s a proper 20MP camera while the thiết kế has been refined slightly without losing what made it so special.

Eyes won’t pop out, smartphone htc One M8 owners won’t suddenly feel the need to throw their current phone in the recycling bin. But this evolutionary approach is a sign of classy reserve that in this case makes a lot of sense.

We’re all behind the curve

Over the past three years, htc has milled and beveled itself a reputation for great design and excellent build quality.

This approach has paid off khổng lồ the extent that even Apple, a company more design-obsessed than a houseful of Scandinavian furniture designers having an argument over a lamp, has made a phone that looks somewhat One-ish.

While the điện thoại htc One M9 toàn thân is a new design, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s basically the same as the htc One M8. They’re very similar in form size (the One M9 is fractionally thicker at 9.6mm), both make near-excessive use of cool, hard, brushed aluminium. And both feel just amazing.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 may be thinner and have a fancy new glass & metal design, but I suspect many will still prefer the feel of the htc One M9.

The look is actually ever-so-slightly different this time. Htc has used a two-tone finish, for one. The One M9’s sides are a bronze-gold finish while the front & back are much more silvery. Going for gold is always going lớn raise a few eyebrows, but the M9 pulls off the look with ease. No gaudy gold here.

To my eyes the circular camera lens of the M8 looked a bit better than the square one on the new M9, but that’s pure personal preference. Essentially, if you loved the look of the One và One M8, you’re going lớn love the M9 just as much.

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The front camera takes a more traditional approach. It has a 20.7-megapixel camera sensor with an f/2.0 lens, getting you loads of resolution but average-size sensor pixels.

In good lighting you can get absolutely bags of detail from the điện thoại htc One M9. Loads of the x-lair.com, although as usual it actually shoots slightly lower-res 16:9 images unless you tweak the camera app’s settings.

The sensor’s native dynamic range is impressive, too. This tells you how much detail it can capture in shadowy areas before everything gets smudged into blackness.

As with the previous điện thoại htc flagships, though, it’s not quite as smart as the very best when it comes khổng lồ exposure metering.

This is when a camera judges how ‘bright’ a photo needs khổng lồ be. When we first got our hands on the One M9 its exposure judgement was pretty far off. A few updates later (which will have been applied before you buy your handset) it’s much better, although still not quite as good as rivals such as the iPhone 6 and Galaxy note 4.

The issue is that it can go a bit too far. When you tap on an object khổng lồ focus on it, any phone camera (aside from the really, really bad ones) will adjust so that that area, the subject, is clear & properly-exposed.

However, with the htc One M9 it doesn’t always ensure that the sky behind isn’t totally overexposed. The camera brain is lượt thích an overexcited puppy. It just needs to chill out a bit. The selfie camera does this too, but it doesn’t matter so much there: as long as the faces are properly exposed, we’re happy. Và they generally are.

You can learn khổng lồ work your way around this, & with a bit of know-how the smartphone htc One M9 can take some truly great photos, especially if you’re willing lớn give them a quick tweak afterwards.

The easy way to lớn avoid the exposure issue is to use the HDR mode, but this little bit of software cleverness is also just a smidge short of the iPhone và Galaxy equivalents. It’s just a cảm ứng slow relative to the snappy standard mode and the preview window isn’t a very accurate prediction of what the photo will actually look like. The results are generally better than what the preview shows, though, so that’s not a massive issue.

Low-light performance is fine, but not much more. With that upping of resolution, smartphone htc has traded away supernatural low-light moves. Photos are predictably a bit noisy and with no OIS onboard you need to lớn be careful about how you hold the phone to avoid ending up with blurry shots. Use one of those phone tripods and you can get some good shots, though.

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No more gimmicks


The htc One M9 keeps all the bits we loved most about the htc One M8. Its metal body, đứng top front-facing speakers và snappy performance all mark the One M9 out as one of the year’s đứng đầu phones.

It’s not that dynamic, & if you want a phone with lots of gimmicks & extra tech nonsense extras, this probably isn’t it. However, the more you use the One M9, the more you appreciate its great ergonomics, effortless style, and neat, slick UI. Và we’re starting lớn fall in love with the BoomSound speakers all over again.

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But now that we’ve also tested the Samsung Galaxy S6 và LG G4 we know that the One M9 isn’t the very best phone you can buy in 2015. It’s up there with the best but Samsung in particular has blown the competition out of the water. Still, if you lượt thích the way htc does things và you’re a tín đồ of the design, the One M9 remains a very solid choice.