From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamusementa‧muse‧ment /əˈmjuːzmənt/ ●●○ noun    1 FUNNY the feeling you have when you think something is funnywith/in amusement  Her eyes sparkled with amusement.  She looked at him in amusement.  Steve couldn’t hide his somebody’s amusement (=in a way that makes someone laugh or smile)  They were dancing và singing in the car, much to lớn the amusement of passers-by.  The cats are a constant source of amusement to lớn us. 2 → amusements3 ENJOY/LIKE DOING something the process of getting or providing pleasure và enjoyment  What vày you bởi vì for amusement in this town?COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgreat amusementIt caused great amusement when he told us what had happened.mild/faint amusementDaniel looked at her with mild amusement.genuine/real amusementHe laughed out loud with genuine amusement.verbscause somebody amusementThe memory seemed khổng lồ cause him great your amusementJames looked down to avoid showing his amusement.hide/conceal your amusementThere’s no need lớn hide your amusement. I’m well aware of it.provide amusementThe park provides plenty of amusement for the children.phrasesmuch to somebody’s amusementHe got up & sang "Yellow Submarine", much khổng lồ everyone’s amusement.a source of amusementGeoff seemed lớn find life a source of constant amusement.a gleam/glimmer/flicker of amusement (=a small amount in someone"s eyes or on someone’s face)He examined her face with a wry gleam of amusement.a hint/trace of amusement (=a small amount in someone"s eyes or voice)Was there a hint of amusement in her voice?Examples from the Corpusamusement• Putting golf, và amusements almost adjoin the site.• Everyone was watching the little dog with interest và amusement.• Among the entertainments on offer are amusements, a band parade, stalls, sports and a grand finale fireworks display.• Sheila was hardly able to lớn conceal her amusement.• Gloria couldn"t hide her amusement at what the children were saying.• "You must be joking!" Mum said, her lips curling in amusement.• Her lips curved in amusement and Roman asked if he could mô tả the joke.• đoạn clip games và other manufactured amusements demand less imagination from kids.• to the Doctor"s amusement he was cross eyed.• Suddenly, the teacher"s chair collapsed, much lớn everyone"s amusement.• One would have supposed these veteran troops had seen too much of the real thing to lớn seek amusement in playing at battle.• This story is bound to lớn cause some amusement in the anti-Campbell campaign.• The jury heard about wealthy amusement arcade boss khủng Vincent King"s past only after it had given its verdict.source of amusement• A spring of guarded hope and a source of amusement.• The Caption Competition, which usually gives me a source of amusement, in the Feb edition was in bad taste.• Some were brought back from new và exotic lands simply as sources of amusement or sensation.• They are a kind of a never-ending source of amusement, amazement, and discouragement.• They were three small, fat ladies, & a great source of amusement to Jerry & me.

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