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What is the difference between the fonts Simplex.shx and Simplex8.shx included with the out of the box AutoCAD installation?

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With the release of AutoCAD 2005, the Simplex.shx fonts was updated lớn include additional character sets. The Simplex8.shx is a renamed version of the original Simplex.shx which was included with versions of AutoCAD 2004 and earlier. Some of the most common character sets added to Simplex.shx are as follows: *0200B,9,ZERO WIDTH SPACE *02082,42,SUBSCRIPT TWO *020A0,4,EURO-CURRENCY SIGN *020A7,44,PESETA SIGN *020AC,45,EURO SIGN *02104,58,CENTRE LINE SYMBOL *02126,47,OHM SIGN *0214A,46,PROPERTY LINE *02202,108,PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL *02205,60,EMPTY phối *02207,41,NABLA *02208,47,ELEMENT OF *0221E,41,INFINITY *02220,28,ANGLE *02248,107,ALMOST EQUAL khổng lồ *02260,39,NOT EQUAL to lớn *02261,39,IDENTICAL to lớn *02264,32,LESS-THAN OR EQUAL lớn *02302,20,HOUSE *0E100,46,BOUNDARY LINE *0E101,46,FLOW LINE *0E102,46,MONUMENT LINE *0E200,40,INITIAL VALUE The attached "" (simplex vs simplex8 comparison),file includes decompiled versions (text files) of both the Simplex.shx và Simplex8.shx for comparison.