3 : something that is broad, limber, or flat and usually thin and that hangs loose or projects freely: such as

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5 : a movable auxiliary airfoil usually attached khổng lồ an airplane wing"s trailing edge to increase lift or drag — see airplane illustration
7 : a consonant (such as the sound d in ladder & in latter) characterized by a single rapid contact of the tongue or lower lip against another point in the mouth

— called also tap

Synonyms for flap

Synonyms: Noun

Synonyms: Verb

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Noun She opened the tent flap và crawled outside. the inside flap of a book"s cover a loose flap of skin Verb The breeze flapped the sails. The flag flapped in the breeze. The bird"s wings were flapping.

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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun There is the full slab, which contains a bonus flap of meat called the skirt, & there is the St. Louis style that is trimmed into a rectangular shape for even-size ribs. — Chuck Blount, San Antonio Express-News, 7 Feb. 2022 The whales’ special feeding ability likely comes from a unique flap of muscle and fat found at the back of blue và fin whales’ mouths, according to new research published in Current Biology. — Corryn Wetzel, Smithsonian Magazine, 24 Jan. 2022 In the famous adage about the butterfly effect, the flap of wings from a butterfly in, say, Africa can aerodynamically affect the formation of a hurricane in, say, the Atlantic. — Daniel Garisto, Scientific American, 7 Oct. 2021 According khổng lồ a malpractice lawsuit Williams settled in 2019 with Helliwell, her 2016 surgery left her with a painful hematoma that required surgical repair, an off-center belly button & a flap of skin hanging off her abdomen. — Jim Axelrod, CBS News, 21 Sep. 2021 The events are so quiet, rowers can hear the ripple of their own wake & the flap of hundreds of national flags whipping in the breeze on the shoreline. — Claire Galofaro, Anchorage Daily News, 27 July 2021 The events are so quiet, rowers can hear the ripple of their own wake & the flap of hundreds of national flags whipping in the breeze on the shoreline. — Claire Galofaro, ajc, 26 July 2021 Comes in navy and features the Aston Martin biểu tượng logo embossed to lớn the flap. — Josh Max, Forbes, 14 Oct. 2021 The flap was the latest in a string of incidents for a Memphis program that came into this season with high expectations yet has had several problems, including poor play. — Adam Zagoria, New York Times, 22 Dec. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Tails & flippers flap and fly in occasional rapid frenzies of splashes, likely a spat over the lettuce or maybe just the inevitable marine mammal agitations of a flipper-to-flipper crowd in such a tight space. — Jim Waymer, USA TODAY, 8 Feb. 2022 The flames flap with a noise like laundry on a line. — Krista Stevens, Longreads, 19 Jan. 2022 The new research suggests that the creature crouched and then launched itself eight feet in the air, giving it enough space from the ground to lớn flap its wings và lift off, George Dvorsky reports for Gizmodo. — Rasha Aridi, Smithsonian Magazine, 9 Dec. 2021 That"s a lot, but not as much as aircraft with a higher amount of composite materials, such as the Boeing 787, whose wings can flap by as much as 25 feet. — Jacopo Prisco, CNN, 18 Dec. 2021 In a small plaza outside the house, the flags of the United States, Illinois & Ireland now flap in the breeze. — Jay Jones, chicagotribune.com, 16 Dec. 2021 Don’t run or flap your arms, as air can fan the flames & cause the fire to grow. — oregonlive, 2 Nov. 2021 Potentially those two areas are where the red flags flap the loudest with the Rams. — Jay Paris, Forbes, 2 Sep. 2021 When owner Sheila Ford Hamp, surrounded by the Ford family on the field, was introduced và began to speak, fans’ displeasure was so loud that Johnson had to flap his arms to ask the fans to lớn quiet down. — Carlos Monarrez, USA TODAY, 26 Sep. 2021

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