Do you find that ready-to-wear, off-the-rack clothes don’t fit you well? Are you put off by the exorbitant prices charged by overpriced tailors? Or are you turned off by the poor workmanship & minimal fabric selection of cheap tailors? 

If you’ve answered yes khổng lồ any of the above, then we can help!


For sensibly-priced, impeccably-crafted, tailor-made shirts and suits, Este Bartin is your choice.

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 We’ve helped more than 6,800 clients look good since 2013. Unlike other tailors who send their jobs to lớn be produced overseas by cheap seamstresses, our shirts & suits are made locally, right here in Singapore, by our team of tailors at our Toa Payoh office.  We know our clients like having choice và that’s why we personally handpick the more than 800 premium, high-quality fabric options that we carry.

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We keep costs low for our clients by having our own in-house tailoring teamWe maintain quality and consistency with our highly experienced team of tailors Made in Singapore by our team of tailors at our Toa Payoh officeWide selection of more than 400 premium fabric choices sourced from the best fabric mills around the worldWide range of custom finishes for you to personalise your look

This is my first visit to a Tailor. I am fortunate khổng lồ have met Ryan & Justin khổng lồ assist me in understanding my needs. Decided to go for the khuyễn mãi giảm giá with 3 shirts and 2 pants! The outcomes are nothing less than amazing! I am used to buying clothes for G2000, Benjamin Barker, Uniqlo & other departmental stores which easily cost between $39 -$120 per piece. However, due khổng lồ my body build with wider shoulder, I was not able lớn find a shirt that fits consistently. I ended up with shirt that fits the shoulder but wider at the waist và vice versa. With Este Bartin, I am able to get a good fit for just $50 or slight vị trí cao nhất up for added customisation!

Thank you Ryan & Justin for the perfect fit that refreshed my wardrobe! I am definitely not stopping at 3 piece of shirts & 2 pants here. Will be back for more!

A wise man once said, a gentlemen’s Best Friend is his Tailor. I am Glad I have found mine at a very reasonable price!

I"ve been patronising Estee Bartin for more than 3 years và would continue to bởi vì so. Over this period, I"ve recommended several friends lớn them as well. Excellent customer service from the team and they make great efforts lớn accommodate customer"s requests. In addition, Justin/Ryan are able lớn offers insightful inputs to lớn help customers make their selection. They have a good selection of cloth và overall offers a great value compare khổng lồ others in the market.

Very pleased with the entire experience. I came here on a recommendation. Today after the collection, I"ve been sharing with my friends how good the service, as well as the shirts, are. Importantly, I lượt thích to hear their professional advice on the cloth selection which suits me. Overall highly recommended if you need a professional tailor in Singapore.

It was my first time tailoring my shirts here and the staff were very friendly và meticulous. With their professionalism, I"m assured that my shirts will turn out perfect, hence, the results was a perfect stitch. Kudos to lớn the team!

Made 2 shirts with them và was extremely pleased with the service rendered. Justin was extremely helpful in ensuring that you get the right fit. Even offering a 30 day period for không tính tiền alterations if I feel that anything is off. Definitely will recommend!

Come visit us at Toa Payoh and we’ll show you how our tailor-made shirts và suits can make you look good, without breaking the bank.

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