Some Windows users are reporting they can’t access other Windows computer on their network because they can’t enter the credentials to connect khổng lồ another computer because the login fails with the Enter network credentials error message The user name or password is incorrect. This post provides the most adequate solutions to this issue.

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To disable Credential Manager Service automatic Startup on your Windows PC, bởi vì the following:Press Windows key + R khổng lồ invoke the Run dialog.In the Run dialog box, type services.msc & hit Enter to mở cửa Services.In the Services window, scroll and locate the Credential Manager service.Double-click on the entry lớn edit its properties.In the properties window, click the drop-down on the Startup type and select Disabled.Click Apply > OK lớn save changes.Exit Services console.Restart PC.Try connecting & if the issue isn’t resolved, try the next solution.3> Turn off password-protected sharing
To turn off password protected sharing on your Windows PC, bởi the following:
Right-click the network status icon on the notification area on the taskbar.Select Open Network và Internet settings.On the Network & Internet settings page, click Network and Sharing Center on the right pane.On the Network và Sharing Center Control Panel, click the Change advanced sharing settings links on the left navigation pane.In the Advanced sharing settings window, click on All Networks.Under Password-protected sharing section, select the radio button for Turn off password-protected sharing.Click on Save Changes.Exit Control Panel.Restart PC.On boot, see if the issue is resolved. If not, proceed with the next solution.4> Modify Local Security Policy
Do the following:Press Windows key + R lớn invoke the Run dialog.In the Run dialog box, type secpol.msc và hit Enter to open Local Security Policy console.In the console, on the left navigation pane, click Local Policies > Security Options.On the right pane, double-click the Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only policy to lớn edit its properties.In the properties page, select the radio button for Disabled.Click Apply > OK.Exit Local Security Policy manager.Restart PC.Try the next solution if the issue is unresolved.5> địa chỉ the credentials in Credentials Manager
It could be the credentials you’re trying to lớn use to logon lớn the computer on the network is not stored in the Credential Manager. If this is the case, you can địa chỉ the credentials in Credential Manager.To showroom the credentials in Credential Manager on your Windows PC, vị the following:Type credentials in the tìm kiếm box.Choose Credential Manager from the menu of results.Click the Windows Credentials bar.Click Add a Windows Credential.In the Add a Windows Credential page, fill in the network address, user name và password related to lớn the computer that you want lớn access.Click OK when done.Exit Credential Manager.Restart PC.Now, try logging into the computer; if unsuccessful with the same issue, you can try the next solution.6> mix IP address to automatic
If the IP address for your Windows PC is not configured properly you’ll encounter this error when you are trying to lớn access other computers on the same network. To rule out the possibility of incorrect IP address as a culprit to lớn this issue, vì chưng the following:Press Windows key + R to lớn invoke the Run dialog.In the Run dialog box, type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter to mở cửa Network Connections control panel.Next, right-click on the network connection you are using & click on Properties.Select và double-click the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option to lớn edit its properties. In the General tab, make sure the radio button is set lớn Obtain an IP address automatically & Obtain DNS vps address automatically.Click OK to save the changes.Click OK again khổng lồ exit Network Connections properties.Exit Control Panel.Restart PC.See if you can now logon successfully, otherwise try the next solution.8> Change Network Profile lớn PrivateIf your network profile is mix as Public, you may encounter this issue. In this case, you can phối your network profile khổng lồ Private – this will help as Windows will allow access to lớn the network.Any of these solutions should work for you!Related post: Your Credentials did not work in Remote Desktop on Windows.

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