Windows XP has been one of the most popular and exponential OS of all time, Microsoft had revolutionized the tech industry with the release of Windows XP. Nearly 400 million copies of the OS were sold worldwide upon its release & that’s how the OS created an impact. It is considered one of the best Windows OS even today, as this is the OS that brought about a lot of change in the tech industry. Windows XP opened up new doors lớn Microsoft & some of the modern OSes that we use today are possible due khổng lồ Windows XP.

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Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 (32-bit)
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Well, recently Microsoft had released their flagship Windows 11, but still, Windows XP is relevant in terms of usability. Windows XP can be installed on old & new computers alike or you may choose lớn use a virtual machine khổng lồ experience the OS if you like. It is always a great experience to lớn go back in time and have some nostalgic moments with the OS we used in our young days. So, if you are looking khổng lồ try out Windows XP on your computer, this article will provide you with how to tải về the ISO tệp tin of Windows XP. Hop on & get lớn enjoy using Windows XP.

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Features Of Windows XPSteps for Installing Windows XP ISO

Features Of Windows XP

Features of the OS are what make the OS stand out & attract users khổng lồ install it. Here are some of the coolest feature of Windows XP that makes the OS

Enhanced User Interface (GUI)

The Graphic User Interface(GUI) is the visual component of the OS that portrays everything that the user needs to lớn perform tasks. Windows OSes are well known for their user-friendly interface & Microsoft has further improved the user interface in the Windows XP OS by adding new icons và colour schemes for the users to lớn easily navigate & work efficiently.

Improved Networking & Internet Features

Back in those days, computers were mainly used for networking purposes, so, Microsoft improved the networking abilities of their Windows XP OS to provide better connectivity features for the users. Advanced networking features like WiFi, Windows Messenger, mạng internet Explorer 6, and Outlook 6 were improved. Some improvements are ICF, NAT, Teredo Tunneling with IPV6, BITS và much more.

Improved Security Features

Data security và privacy have always been a concern for all tech companies và they have tried lớn provide the best và most secure functioning. Similarly, Microsoft improved the security features of Windows XP OS. Microsoft has improved the security in the OS by providing encryption facilities & improving the internet firewall lớn prevent cyber threats.

Windows sản phẩm Activation

This is a simple system that was implemented in the XP OS lớn prevent people from using the OS components and claiming ownership. Microsoft offered 30-day không lấy phí trial to users and after which the user needs to lớn use the activation key khổng lồ access the OS.

Graphics Improvement

Graphics is a very basic component for modern computers and Windows OS is based on a graphical user interface and needs graphics memory to lớn run and function, so Microsoft upgraded their graphics software package lớn DirectX8 & later improved it lớn DirectX 9 khổng lồ improve the graphics performance providing users with good graphical freedom.

Improved Windows Explorer

Managing files và data on a PC is a very needed role of a good OS, so Windows has natively incorporated Windows Explorer in Windows OS. Well, in Windows XP, the Explorer has been improved and new features lượt thích image previewing & task panes have been added khổng lồ make file accessing easier.

Support for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

The use of liquid crystal displays was becoming popular as they were cheaper và more efficient than the conventional CRT(cathode ray tubes) displays, to tư vấn these emerging display features Microsoft improved the tư vấn for LCDs by tweaking the OS and has incorporated support features for LCDs in Windows XP.

Fast Booting Up using Prefetch

In older versions of Windows, the booting time was too long and users had khổng lồ wait for a long time to start using the PS, so Microsoft tweaked the Windows XP OS & reduced the booting time without compromising the performance.

Automated System Recovery & System Restore Functionalities

The recovery and restore feature added in Windows XP help the user khổng lồ recover or restore the OS if any mishappenings occurred và the system is displaying errors. This allows the users lớn keep a backup of the system and use it during a crisis.

Improved Multiple Monitor tư vấn for Better Experience

Some PC users prefer using two or more monitors lớn improve their performance so Microsoft improved the support for Multi Monitors to lớn increase the efficiency of the displays.


Steps to lớn Create a Bootable Disk using Windows XP ISO

Once you have downloaded the ISO tệp tin of Windows XP on your computer, extract the file.Now, go to lớn Microsoft’s official website and tải về the Windows USB/ DVD tool for Windows XP.Now, run the USB/ DVD tool and click on the Browse option và then select the SIO file that you intend khổng lồ use, in this case, it is Windows XP.Now, insert a DVD or USB with at least 4 GB of free space in the computer.Now, in the USB/ DVD tool select the USB or DVD that you have inserted & select begin copying.Now, the files will be moved to lớn the USB or DVD. Once done, you have successfully created a Windows XP bootable disk.With the bootable disk, you can install Windows XP on any computer you intend.

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How to Install Microsoft Windows XP ISO file |

Well, we have discussed everything you need to lớn know about Windows XP và install it on your computer. With the details, you will be able khổng lồ install the OS and use it extensively. Now, have a great time using the OS on your computer.