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Don"t Starve: Shipwrecked apk 1.28 (8 MB)

Don"t Starve: Shipwrecked OBB 1.28 (490 MB)

Don"t Starve: Shipwrecked OBB + thủ thuật 1.28 Mod: Unlock (490 MB)

OBB installation location -> /Android/obb/com.kleientertainment.doNotStarveShipwrecked/

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Don"t Starve: Shipwrecked Description

Do not Starve: Shipwrecked is a survival class pass-through game. Allows you to wear shorts on the beach và simulates the wild survival game.

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Click to lớn collect living items, made of essential items of life, the game hero, you will wake up on the beach to lớn accept the ridiculous ridicule of you. The busy day begins, collecting straw và branches from the island và eating anything that can be used. The collection of raw materials will be placed in the box at the bottom of the screen, (when the box is full can no longer take, the solution is simple and rude khổng lồ eat eat) Select the left box using the hands of raw materials & tools Necessary items. For example, an ax can cut trees, & a pliers can be used lớn cut hard rock. In fact, the game is a trò chơi of break through the system, each passing day is a pass. The top right hand clock shows three time of day, day và night and night.

Longer days & dusk, shorter nights, & the most dangerous hours, spending the night is basically a day of success, a new day in which you constantly find and face new challenges until you escape the game. This is a trò chơi with more difficulties than the game. The trò chơi player dies for various reasons. For example, the snake is killed by a snake, poisoned và starved to lớn death. In short, the dangers encountered in the wilderness may become the reason for the kết thúc of the trò chơi . Right of the screen in the game there are three indicators of vitality, physical strength, mental. From time to time to địa chỉ cửa hàng and focus on the three indicators is the key to lớn the game.

After many deaths, I summed up the most important factor in survival in the wild in the game. First of all, tools, fire và food are indispensable. Making adequate tools can be used not only for collecting items but also for self-defense (snakes). If there is no fire at night, it will be attacked by unidentified creatures. Lack of food can lead khổng lồ starvation of physical decline. Second, the camp fire was born on the beach far away from the woods, và in the evening there was a snake adventuring to increase the risk of death. Finally, & most importantly, the protagonist traps prey traps, supplements physical effects better than plants, fire can cook foods, but not everything can be eaten, even if cooked You know how poisoned me was). On the distribution of time, you can choose lớn work during the day, cooking food at night, to địa chỉ physical strength, reasonable arrangements for time & raw materials.

Do not Starve created a very successful series of adventure pass through the game, empty frame a very complete world and survival system. The new series inherits the previous series of bold lines plus exaggerated style, but also improve the last series there is the lack of explosive phenomenon, in the new series of beaches to lớn increase a lot of rich scenes and more realistic season system, the game as a whole because the beach Is a typical tropical monsoon climate, dry rain two seasons, players need to lớn choose according khổng lồ the scene and the season khổng lồ solve the problem và how to khuyến mãi with, making the game more authentic. The trò chơi is the most satisfactory point is lớn explain & mark are very clear, tools have their fixed usage, not all things can be solved in one way, and has been able khổng lồ brush out new things và new props, not only improve the game Requirements, but also khổng lồ make the trò chơi more fluid. Overall this is still a very interesting adventure survival game, like the headstrong comrades walked by vày not miss. -

In the new series of beaches to showroom a lot of rich scenes and more realistic season system, because the trò chơi is a typical tropical monsoon climate by the sea(a little similar to lớn the previous series of giant country climate), different from the previous series is lớn distinguish Clear rainy season, players need according lớn the scene and the season to choose the appropriate solution lớn the problem and approach, making the trò chơi more authentic.

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Do not Starve: Shipwrecked has taken a pioneering approach khổng lồ island-based uniting and changing scenes by constantly brushing out new stuff & new props that showroom to the ability to lớn ship, not only improving chơi game but also making games More fluid. The game is the most satisfactory point is khổng lồ explain & mark are very clear, the tools have their fixed usage, not all things can be solved in one way, playing to lớn the kết thúc even play a game out of the taste of the game. Overall this is still a very interesting adventure survival games, like the player who ran the wilderness pass by bởi not miss.