A Platform built exclusively for Scoping, Discovery and Assessments that leverages automation merged with human input đầu vào to deliver superior outputs and identify critical factors so you can execute your plan & track outcomes Get Started

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x-lair.com accelerates & reduces the friction slowing your scoping, discovery & assessment processes. With x-lair.com you won"t waste manpower, struggle to piece information together, và constantly have lớn chase data. x-lair.com allows you to lớn request or import the information you need, vì real-time tracking of responses, reviews for accuracy, & remediate when needed. You will have consolidated & usable information in one place, which dramatically smooths scoping and implementations.

• Assessments

• Audits

• Surveys

Easily build templates and dashboards for insght và accountability

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•Manage across departments, business units or Customers

•Track progress

•Assign khổng lồ one or more users for completion



• Dashboard visualizations for vị trí cao nhất down insight

• Drilldown capabilities

• Version Control

• Scoring


Analyze :

• Aggregate Information

• import or export results quickly across your organization

• After Action reviews and effective remediation



• Ingest data from disparate sources

• Log files, Databases, APIs

• Automate the audit process with no human interaction needed



Information is perishable, collecting it needs to lớn be fast and accurate lớn unlock potential. x-lair.com is a platform designed for Assessments & Audits at the speed and volume of business. Spreadsheets and thư điện tử stifle potential. You deserve a cloud based platform capable of automated data aggregation so you can focus on issues that create success.

We struggled with slow legacy tools like spreadsheets, paper, and static forms in business. x-lair.com is the solution that let you work at speed to lớn unlock your vision, opportunity, & success.


Years of experience

We have spent đôi mươi years turning obstacles into opportunities with our clients

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No, x-lair.com has a library of Launch-Bundles that can be used out of the box, or easily modified in the x-lair.com no-code interface