1 : arousing competitive interest, thought, or kích hoạt a challenging course of study a challenging job

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challengingly ˈcha-​lən-​jiŋ-​lē


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I find the job challenging và fun. Teaching is challenging but rewarding work. It"s a challenging book that requires careful reading. The slope was challenging for even the most experienced climbers.

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Recent Examples on the web Again, clinical protein deficiency, even among vegans, is pretty rare, since hitting 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight isn’t super challenging for most Americans who have access to lớn plentiful food (even if that food is all plant-based). — Marisa Petrarca, SELF, 3 Feb. 2022 This could cause difficulties, given how challenging Lyme can be khổng lồ diagnose. — Jessica Dulong, CNN, 28 Jan. 2022 How to run apk apps on PC right now Getting Windows 11 to lớn run android apps right now is fairly challenging. — Chris Smith, BGR, 26 Jan. 2022 The demo this week should be decidedly more challenging, though not as difficult as last summer when Rahm won the 2021 U.S. Mở cửa at Torrey Pines. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 Jan. 2022 In the case of Elijah Craig, the proof has ranged as high as about 140, which is… challenging. — Jonah Flicker, Robb Report, 21 Jan. 2022 Comprehending, let alone conducting, these pieces is no less challenging than quantum mechanics. — Los Angeles Times, 14 Jan. 2022 While there is relative uniformity in impairment associated with blood alcohol concentrations, THC concentrations are much more challenging to tie to lớn specific cognitive và motor skill performance issues. — NBC News, 13 Jan. 2022 Of course, distributing a physical product is more challenging than direct depositing money lớn checking accounts. — Damon Linker, The Week, 12 Jan. 2022

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