Mệnh đề quan hệ nam nữ là một cấu tạo hay lộ diện trong ngữ pháp giờ Anh quan trọng trong những bài thi IELTS. Chúng ta đã cùng cả nhà tìm hiểu chi tiết về mệnh đề quan liêu hệ sinh sống bài viết trước. Để nắm vững cách thực hiện và vận dụng thành thạo trong những bài thi IELTS, Anh ngữ UEC – showroom học IELTS tại Đà Nẵng đang ôn tập cho bạn các kiến thức cơ phiên bản về mệnh đề quan tiền hệ với một số bài tập mệnh đề quan hệ từ cơ bản đến cải thiện để rèn luyện. Hãy bắt đầu cùng mình nhé!

Đại từ quan tiền hệ That trong bài tập mệnh đề quan hệ

– Trạng từ quan liêu hệ rất có thể được thực hiện thay cho 1 đại từ quan liêu hệ và giới từ. Bí quyết làm này sẽ khiến cho câu dễ dàng nắm bắt hơn.

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– chúng ta có những trạng từ tình dục sau:

When = on / at / in which» Trạng từ quan hệ tình dục chỉ thời gian, thua cuộc danh tự chỉ thời gian» … N (time) + WHEN + S + VWhere  = at/ in/ from/ on which» Trạng từ tình dục chỉ nơi chốn, thua cuộc danh trường đoản cú chỉ khu vực chốn» … N (place) + WHERE + S + VWhy = for which» Trạng từ quan hệ nam nữ chỉ lý do, thường đứng sau danh tự “the reason”» … the reason + WHY + S + V

II. Tổng hợp bài xích tập mệnh đề quan hệ từ cơ bản đến nâng cao

1. Bài bác tập mệnh đề quan lại hệ

Bài 1: Nối hai câu trơ khấc thành 1 câu sử dụng mệnh đề quan tiền hệ

The house has been built in the forest. It doesn’t have electricity._____________________________________________________________Do you know the man? He is coming towards us._____________________________________________________________I sent my parents some postcards. They were not so expensive._____________________________________________________________I come from a city. The đô thị is located by the sea._____________________________________________________________The salad was so delicious. I had it for lunch._____________________________________________________________He worked for a man. She used lớn be an engineer._____________________________________________________________They called a doctor. He lived nearby._____________________________________________________________I wrote an e-mail to my brother. He lives in Italy._____________________________________________________________Linh liked the waiter. He was very friendly._____________________________________________________________We broke a car. It belonged to lớn my uncle._____________________________________________________________She dropped a cup. It was new._____________________________________________________________Nam loves books. They have happy endings._____________________________________________________________He lives in a city. It is in the north of Vietnam._____________________________________________________________The man is in the class. He is wearing a blue hat._____________________________________________________________The woman works in a hospital. She is from Thailand._____________________________________________________________She bought the car. Her father had recommended it._____________________________________________________________He lost the pen. I had given it to him._____________________________________________________________We called the delivery company. My sister often uses it._____________________________________________________________Nguyet met a girl. I used to lớn employ her._____________________________________________________________Chi called the lawyer. My father knows him._____________________________________________________________He brought a woman. I worked with her last year._____________________________________________________________We employed the pianist. Hai introduced her._____________________________________________________________The cake is on the table. I bought it._____________________________________________________________The book belongs to John. David found it under the chair._____________________________________________________________The food was delicious. Michael cooked the food._____________________________________________________________

Bài 2: Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để điền vào từng câu sau.

She is talking about the tác giả ________book is one of the best-sellers this year.A. Which B. Whose C. That D. WhoHe bought all the books __________are needed for the next exam.A. Which B. What C. Those D. WhoThe children, __________parents are famous teachers, are taught well.A. That B. Whom C. Whose D. TheirDo you know the girl ________we met at the các buổi party last week?A. Which B. Whose C. Who is D. WhomThe exercises which we are doing ________very easy.A. Is B. Has been C. Are D. WasThe boy _______next khổng lồ me kept talking during the film, _______really annoyed me.A. Having sat / that B. Sitting / which C. To sit / what D. Sitting / whoWas Neil Armstrong the first person ________foot on the moon?A. Mix B. Setting C. Khổng lồ set D. Who was setThis is the village in ________my family và I have lived for over đôi mươi years.A. Which B. That C. Whom D. WhereMy mother, ________everyone admires, is a famous teacher.A. Where B. Whom C. Which D. WhoseThe old building __________is in front of my house fell down.A. Of which B. Which C. Whose D. WhomMr. Ken, …………. Is living next door, is a dentist.A. That B. Who C. Whom D. WhatThe man ………….she wanted to see her family.A. Which B. Where C. Whom D. WhoThe woman ………….came here two days ago is her professor.A. Who B. That C. Whom D. WhatFreedom is something for ………….millions have given their lives.A. Which B. Where C. Whom D. WhoTom has passed the exam last week, ………….is great news.A. Who B. That C. Which D. WhomThe film about ………….they are talking about is fantastic.A. Who B. Which C. Whom D. ThatShe is the girl ………….is my best friend.A. That B. Whom C. Who D. A& CI live in a pleasant room ………….the garden.to overlook B. Overlooking C. Overlooked D. Which overlookingThe pilot was the only man ………….after the crash.A. Was rescued B. Rescued C. Rescuing D. To lớn be rescuedI’ll see you near the post office ………….we met the other day.A. Which B. Where C. When D. Why

Exercise 3: Điền vào địa điểm trống với các đại từ quan lại hệ: Who, Whom, Whose, Which, That, Where….

The men …………. Lives next-door are France.Do you know the girls …………. Are standing outside the school?The cake …………. You like comes from the France.A burglar is someone …………. Breaks into a house & steals things.I can’t find the key …………. Opens this door.I don’t like the boy …………. Sue is going out with.The man …………. She is going to marry is very handsome.He wore a mask …………. Made him look like Mickey Mouse.The man …………. điện thoại was ringing did not know what to lớn do.The woman …………. Daughter was crying tried to calm her down.The family …………. Oto was stolen last week is the Smiths.A bus is a big car …………. Carries lots of people.Children …………. Lượt thích music are often good at mathematics.The girl …………. Recited the poem is my niece.The Pacific Ocean, …………. Might have been crossed by raft during the Stone Age, is the world’s largest ocean.

Exercise 4: từng câu sau chứa một lỗi sai. Tìm cùng sửa chúng.

She is the most beautiful girl whose I have ever met.She can’t speak Vietnamese, whom is a disadvantage.The policeman must try lớn catch those people whom drive dangerously.The person about who I told you yesterday is coming here tomorrow.Mother’s Day is the day where children show their love lớn their mother.Do you know the reason when we should learn English?The woman who she told me the news was not a native citizen here.New Year Day is the day where my family members gather & enjoy it together.The film who I watched yesterday was interesting.The only house to lớn be paint last week was Oanh’s.

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2. Đáp án bài xích tập mệnh đề quan lại hệ

Bài 1:

The house which has been built in the forest doesn’t have electricity.Do you know the man who is coming towards us?I sent my parents some postcards which were not so expensive.I come from a thành phố which is located by the sea.The salad that/ which I had for lunch was so delicious.He worked for a man who used to be an engineer.They called a doctor who lived nearby.I wrote an thư điện tử to my brother who lives in Italy.Linh liked the waiter who was very friendly.We broke a oto that belonged to lớn my uncle.He dropped a cup which was new.Nam loves books that have happy endings.He lives in a thành phố that is in the north of Vietnam.The man who is wearing a xanh hat is in the class.The woman who is from xứ sở nụ cười thái lan works in a hospital.She bought the car her father had recommended.He lost the pen I had given him.We called the delivery company my sister often uses.Nguyet met a girl I used khổng lồ employ.Chi called the lawyer my father knows.He brought a woman I worked with last year.We employed the pianist nhì introduced.The cake I bought is on the table.The wallet David found under the chair belongs to lớn John.The food Michael cooked was delicious.

Exercise 2

1- B2- A3- C4- D5- C6- B7- C8- A9- B10- B
11- B12- C13- A14- A15- C16- B17- D18- B19- D20- B

Bài 3

1. Who2. Who3. Which4. That 5. Which
6. Who7. Whom8. Which9. Whose10. Whose
11. Whose12. Which13. Who14. Who15. Which

Bài 4

She is the most beautiful girl whose I have ever met. Whose ⇒ who/ whom/ thatShe can’t speak Vietnamese, whom is a disadvantage. Whom ⇒ whichThe policeman must try lớn catch those people whom drive dangerously. Whom ⇒ whoThe person about who I told you yesterday is coming here tomorrow. About who ⇒ about whomMother’s Day is the day where children show their love to lớn their mother. Where ⇒ whenDo you know the reason when we should learn English? when ⇒ whyThe woman who she told me the news was not a native citizen here. Who she ⇒ whoNew Year Day is the day where my family members gather & enjoy it together. Where ⇒ whenThe film who I watched yesterday was interesting. Who ⇒ whichThe only house to be paint last week was Oanh’s. To be paint ⇒ lớn be painted